Amazing, but true. An inexperienced ticket buyer like myself was able to wade through the morass of the Radiohead pre-sale, and actually get some tickets. Funny enough, a message popped up on the Radiohead message board saying that all California shows were confirmed sold out, and just then my browser page completed allowing me to add four tickets to my cart.

It took a while, and it was a bit of a nail-biter, but I was able to get the sale completed. I even went so far as to correctly answer the question about my birthday (are they planning something for me?) just to be sure I wouldn’t get bumped.

I’m glad to know that WASTE isn’t letting Ticketmaster beat them out on the shipping and handling charges. They have some steep fees of their own. But it looks like I ended up with P1 seats, which I think were the best available during the presale.

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